Smart Client - The Mühlböck-App

for iOS and Android

Your mobile Command Centre per Smartphone

Make your Smartphone or Tablet to mobile Command Centre for your drying kilns and operate the most important features comfortably and intuitively from your mobile device – wherever you are!


MBDS-K5-SmartClient is now also available at App Stores iTunes and Google Play.

Here the links to the product descriptions, including screenshots:

Download now the app and try the free demo version. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the full version.

  • Less time involved in loading and unloading the kilns
  • Saving time on regular kiln testing by performing the function test on-site through mobile operation 
  • Alarm notifications can be shown and also acknowledged per Smartphone or Tablet 
  • Less need for inspection rounds to the kilns, since all the important kiln data can be retrieved per Smartphone or Tablet 
  • More precise kiln statistics through more up-to-date input of logistics conditions (see REPORTING-Modul) 
  • Lower labor costs, since the kilns can be monitored and operated from any location 
  • Overview of the drying process through graphic and tabular display of the kiln trends