Drying management K5

Alles im Griff – schnell, smart und sicher

Extensive functionality - So that you can concentrate on what is important

The Mühlböck K5 control system is the suitable solution for all of the demands placed on timber drying. 

  • For every operating size and number of drying kilns
  • For all MÜHLBÖCK drying kilns as well as drying kilns of other manufacturers
  • For all timber types
  • For all company requirements
  • For many Mühlböck additional applications
  • 3D visualisation with comprehensive overview
  • Assistant and reporting functions
  • Can also be operated by smartphone or tablet


  • Maximum security of the current and future operation through the use of standardised industrial components
  • The use of MÜHLBÖCK support services through connection to our remote maintenance system
  • Savings in working hours through a wide variety of assistance systems
  • Cost improvement through complete recording and clear presentation of the drying data
  • On-demand traceability of previous drying schedules through the most precise documentation and archiving
  • Intuitive operation in local language

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