Management system of drying process for drying systems

K5 – alle Features im Überblick

K5 – All the features at a glance

The K5 control system contains the extensive know-how derived from the experience with more than 12,500 drying plants worldwide and the latest insights from MÜHLBÖCK research and development.

  • Smart Client:
    Operation of the drying plant independent of location using Smartphone or tablet
  • Adaptation of drying kiln overview (graphic / tabular)*:
    Adapt the drying kiln overview to your requirements for
    even more intuitive operation
  • External start / stop of the drying kilns via digital input:
    Stop and start the drying plant with an external signal
  • External power reduction of the fan speed via digital input:
    Temporary power reduction via external signal
  • Client-Server system* (multi-user capability):
    Simultaneous operation of K5 visualisation from several PCs
  • Planned drying schedules*:
    Drying schedules can be planned in advance and stored for later call-up
  • Logbook*:
    Allows the creation of specific kiln notifications (e.g. tasks that span shifts)
  • IntelliVent:
    Saves up to 50% in electricity by continuously adapting the fan speeds to the drying process without sacrificing drying time or quality
  • Drying wizard:
    Always selects the correct measuring points for drying
  • Electrical power management*: Keeps expensive factory peak demand under control through intelligent reduction in power at the drying plants
  • Thermal energy management*:
    Ensures ideal distribution of the available thermal energy
  • Week timer:
    Fan speed depending on the time of day and day of the week (e.g. to adapt to tariffs or noise reduction during night hours)
  • Dual drying*:
    Allows frequent intermediate conditioning during drying
  • IntelliPilot:
    Takes over control of drying, without the use of timber moisture measuring points, ensuring the final moisture content (only for spruce)
  • Alarm output:
    Freely programmable relay output for the control of signalling devices
  • MB message*:
    Informs you by E-mail about important events in the plant
  • Backup & restore:
    Reliable protection against data loss through regular backup and easy recovery
  • Print function (settings, status, etc.):
    Create print templates with your company logo, or individual header and footer as well as a full range of other options
  • CSV export of trend data*:
    Export of the trend data for further processing by third party software
  • CSV export of alarm history*:
    Export of alarm history as a CSV file for further processing by third party software
  • CSV export of drying history*:
    Export of drying histor y as a CSV file for further processing by third party software
  • Web service interface*:
    Direct data transfer to and from your system
  • Trend (current and historic):
    For simple analysis of the progress of current and past drying schedules
  • Product item and range management*:
    Management of the drying batches, batch numbers, customer allocation and volume etc.
  • Pack management*:
    Management and seamless documentation of each individual timber pack in the progressive kilns
  • Reporting*:
    Clear and meaningful evaluation of all commercial and technical data
  • Archive manager including settings history:
    Management of all the logged data for current and historic drying schedules as well as the associated settings
  • Alarm history:
    Seamless documentation of all alarms that have previously occurred


*) Exclusive feature of the K5 Pro –not available with K5 Basic

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