Nature cannot be made to conform to a standard. The demands made of a drying kiln are as different as wood itself. Mühlböck offers the optimum solution for each and every size and drying procedure.

Whether it be vacuum drying, steaming kilns, thermo wood lines or plug-in drying kilns, whether you require an overall package from the conception to training or special accessories – our product range is available to customers all over the world.

You have special demands - we have the perfect solution

  • Your available space is limited?
    Then we have the tailor-made solution for you.

  • You want to increase the quality of your dried wood?
    Then let us present the drying results of our new drying systems

  • Your resources of thermal enrgy are limited?
    Then let us inform you on the possibilities of our heat recovery systems.

  • Your electrical energy consumption costs you a fortune?
    Then bring your energy consumption into a dry one with our new drykilns.

  • You want a drykiln hat delivers perfect results in terms of both quality and cost-effectiveness?
    Then we will supply you with a drykiln whose benefits will continue to benefit you in the future.

Mühlböck drying plants