Project Kährs, Nybro/Sweden

- Sweden's global player on the international market for wooden floors is commissioning customized Mühlböck drykilns

In 2017, the Swedish company celebrated its 160th anniversary. Based in the town of Nybro since 1857, Kährs produces wood products of the highest quality.

What began with small-scale toys and furniture is today a global player in the international flooring market.

The company focused on the production of parquet flooring from the 1940s, invented the multi-layer parquet, developed to this day modern sports floors and developed among other things, the Woodloc locking system for parquet floors, which allows a glueless connection of parquet floors.


With the request to increase the capacity for the drying of fresh oak parquet slats, the company Kährs approached Mühlböck.

The company Mühlböck worked out a tailor-made solution for the Swedes. The desire for a combination of capacity increase and energy saving could be met with the System 603.

The highest performance class and a heat recovery system over the entire kiln length, ensure a short cycle time and at the same time a heat saving compared to classical systems.

An additional challenge was the sound limits imposed by the Swedish authorities. It was one of the goals during the implementation of this project. By combining different solutions, it is now possible to comply with the regulatory noise limits and protect the surrounding neighborhood, without restricting the performance of the drying kiln.

The design of the internal components was completely made of stainless steel. The reason for this is the aggressive oak condensate produced during drying, which normally promotes rapid and severe corrosion of the components. Due to the stainless-steel components, the life of the drykiln is massively extended.


In this project Mühlböck not only provided a possibility to achieve drying results at the highest level, at unbeatable drying costs.

Individual demands and regulatory framework conditions have also been successfully addressed without having to compromise on the drying process.

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