The energy saving system - Drying kiln for the lowest thermal energy consumption

The greatest cost factor when drying, energy consumption, is reduced by 50% using the new dry kiln INDUSTRY 1003 PREMIUM. This system can be employed both in new dry kilns and progressive driers as well as when converting existing dry kilns.

  • Reduces thermal energy demand in wood drying by 50%
  • Increases capacities at fixed heating performance
  • Demands only small line cross-sections

Successful in use by our customers

Mühlböck System 1003

At set prices for logs and lumber, the economic success in the sawmill industry is determined only by the costs of production. One of the biggest cost factors in this processing chain are the thermal energy costs…

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Mühlböck Type 1003 – Trust Rewarded

Three years ago Muehlboeck installed the first Type 1003 Energy Saving drying kilns, with up to 50% lower energy use, at pallet manufacturer Speckner of Schwand im Innkreis.

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