Project Pieper Wood, Olsberg/Germany

- if sustainability plays a role, then Mühlböck

The Pieper Holz GmbH in Olsberg, in the German Sauerland region in Germany, produces a wide range of wood products since 70 years.

Pieper attaches great importance to the processing of native coniferous wood.

In addition, in Olsberg special importance is attached on sustainability and environmental protection in the production of the wide product range from sawn wood to Design furniture for the outdoor area.

The company Pieper implements this idea of ​​sustainability by, for example, partially generating the electricity demand through its own photovoltaic systems and by optimizing wood drying as well.

Energy-optimized, state-of-the-art wood drying from Mühlböck makes a major contribution here.

As a long-standing, satisfied Mühlböck customer, who has been using five drying kilns of the System 1003 since 2012, the Pieper company did not find it difficult to decide for this system again.

In April of this year, five new drying kilns of the 1003 system went into operation in Olsberg.

The special feature of this system is the use of the energy of the exhaust air from the post-drying for pre-drying. Especially in this first phase of drying from the start of drying to the saturation of the fibers, a classic drying kiln consumes a great deal of heat energy.

Predrying completely through recycled thermal energy saves energy and costs. Through this optimized energy use, the thermal connection value and the thermal energy consumption are halved. Also, the flow rate and the pump power are halved.

In addition, the use of drying kilns of the type 1003 ensures an increase in the drying quality. The drying over fiber saturation can be done at relatively low temperature, this leads to a uniform final moisture.

The new five drying kilns of the System 1003 provide the material for the Pieper product range in an energy-efficient and high-quality way. An increase in production that unites sustainability ideas is realized.

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