Project Ukraine

Muehlboeck and the largest sawmill in the Ukrain

In Korosten (UA) a sawmill is being created with a 1 mln. cubic meter cutting capacity.

In the Northern Ukranian location of Korosten, a sawmill is being created with an annual cutting output of around 1 mln. m3 coniferous timber (mainly Pine).

Muehlboeck will equip the sawmill in the first construction phase with 18 drying kilns including Heat Recovery. The installation of the kilns will take place in 2 steps.

After completion, the plant will be by far the largest sawmill in coniferous wood in the Ukraine. According to numbers from the UNECE Timber Committee, in the year 2014 the Ukranian sawmill industry exported around 1.4 mln. m3. With this new plant, the production would therefore increase with approximately one third. (Source: EUWID 21.2015).

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