Project Artner Kreativtischlerei / Bad Großpertholz

Compact, fine and without compromises

As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality furniture from the Waldviertel, Artner Kreativtischlerei is widely known.

In particular, creative and thought-out to the smallest detail kitchens and furniture are the owner and master carpenter, Gerhard Artner, a special concern.

The basic prerequisite for this is high-quality raw materials from the region, which are mainly purchased freshly cut. The first logical processing step is wood drying, which includes a wide variety of wood species such as oak, beech, alder or walnut, in a wide range of dimensions. Here, Mühlböck was able to realize an optimal solution with a very flexible wood drying system of the type "Vario CLASSIC" for small batches of 4 wood packages.
A special challenge was the required noise protection with the fastest possible drying times, which could be implemented by means of silencers and a smart software solution.

The interaction of high-quality industrial components and state-of-the-art control technology was once again successfully used for small batches.