Project Boucher Bros. Lumber, Nampa AB, Canada

Ideally set up with Mühlböck 1306 PRO drying kilns

In order to meet the requirements of the increasing demand for dried sawn timber and the high demands on energy efficiency, Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd. from Nampa (province of Alberta/Canada) has invested a lot of money in modernising the sawmill in recent months.

Part of these investments were 2 new 1306 PRO Drying Kilns from Mühlböck. These efficient and powerful kilns were installed and commissioned in October 2020. Both drying kilns are optimised in terms of their performance to meet the drying requirements of Boucher Bros. Ltd and equipped with the modern K5 control software. This ensures the best possible drying results with the lowest possible energy costs,
while the two 1306 PRO Drying Kilns increase the additional drying capacity in the sawmill by a further 40 million BF per year.

We would like to thank the team at Boucher Bros. Lumber for the friendly and cooperative partnership, which, despite the major challenges posed by Covid-19, worked extremely well and was very satisfactory for both sides.