Project Power Wood Corp., Canada

Mühlböck drying technology in North America

Mühlböck dry kilns 1306 PRO for new location in Agassiz, B.C.

When Power Wood Corp. of Surrey moved their Custom Cedar production to a new location in Agassiz B.C., Canada this summer, they too chose Mühlböck to design their new 4 kiln drying capacity, with the flexibility of installation in 2 phases.

Mühlböck North America was able to offer customer the perfect design to meet their motto ‘On Time, On Grade, On Budget’, with 1306 PRO dry kilns that are developed to reduce thermal and electrical power consumption by up to 25% without losing any drying time, while still delivering the highest possible lumber quality.

The installation of the first 2 kilns has just been completed exactly as scheduled, and commissioned to customer’s full satisfaction.

'You and your team did a great job for us. I’m looking forward to building kilns #5&6 soon!' reported Jake Power to the Mühlböck North America Team.