Project Schroth, Neustädtlein / Germany

New dry kilns 1306 PRO and modernization

Drying of pallets

In the course of a larger overall investment (wood-fired boiler, expansion of the heating network, construction of two new halls including a PV system), five additional dry kilns for drying pallets have been installed at Schroth in Neustädtlein (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

The new kilns are equipped with the 1306 PRO heat recovery system and were put into operation in February 2020. The system 1306 PRO enables the customer to save up to 20% of thermal energy compared to conventional systems. With smaller dimensions than the existing Mühlböck kilns, each new installed dry kiln can hold a truck load of EPAL Euro pallets. In this way, the dried pallets can be loaded onto the trucks directly from the kiln.

In the summer of 2020, the 1306 PRO heat recovery system has been retrofitted at two existing dry kilns and, among other things, converted to frequency-controlled fans. A total of over 10,000 Epal Euro pallets can now be dried simultaneously in one run. In the new kilns, one-way pallets and special pallets from in-house production, which are produced in smaller quantities, are also dried.

The project has been carried out in cooperation with the Mühlböck sales partner for Germany, Lauber GmbH from Alfdorf.

The Holz-Zentralblatt / Issue 3 reports in detail about the company Schroth Paletten and the whole project.