Mühlböck progressive kiln FLOW

Multi-zone progressive kiln FLOW

The progressive kiln FLOW is a multi-zone drying channel.

The wood is stacked transversely to the transport direction on the stacking trolleys. After the loading process, the stacking trolley frame is transported fully automatically zoned into the respective drying zone. The main advantage is that different lengths of wood can be stacked on the stacking trolleys . The drying zones are adapted to the respective requirements. The high flexibility and the large drying quantities make this system unique.

Depending on the drying requirement, the zones are equipped with the appropriate amount of air and heat output. Each drying zone is individually regulated. Different wood thicknesses in each drying zone are no longer a problem.

Progressive kiln FLOW 1306 PRO

multi-zone progressive kiln with heat-recovery

The multi-zone progressive kiln FLOW 1306 PRO can be used in all areas of wood production for drying.
An essential feature of this system is the saving of thermal energy of up to 25% by using a heat recovery system with optimum throughput.


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