Energy savings are in the front

Mühlböck progressive kiln Type 1003

Continuous wood drying for continuous wood production


Compared to conventional drying lines in which almost the entire energy amount used in the heating coil escapes to the outside via ventilation flaps, in the 1003 system, more than 80% of this energy is transferred to the feed air via heat exchangers.

Thus the thermal connected load, the thermal energy consumption and the electrical energy consumption can be almost halved.


Energy savings are in the front

Since economic drying is the key to success, we focused on the theme of energy saving when developing our progressive kiln. MÜHLBÖCK progressive kilns ensure for example the continuous adaptation of the speed of the ventilating fans to the drying progress. Drying road maps from the Mühlböck R+D department ensure optimum drying progress with the lowest possible energy costs.

Progressive Kiln Assembly Finland TT Systems - Time Lapse Video