Mühlböck progressive kiln for Rubner

Project Rubner, Rohrbach a. d. Lafnitz

Continuous wood drying with the lowest possible energy consumption

Another Mühlböck progressive kiln DYNAMIC 1003 PREMIUM in operation at the Rohrbach an der Lafnitz site.

The Rubner company has relied on drying technology from Mühlböck for many years. Positive experience, good advice, as well as compliance with promised performance in terms of energy efficiency and drying quality are essential for Rubner when selecting a supplier.

Based on the positive experience with the progressive kiln Dynamic 1003 Premium, which was put into operation in 2018 (project report 2018), another progressive kiln of the same type from Mühlböck was chosen for the further increase in drying capacity.

Also in this project, the special requirements of Rubner with regard to the installation site and the given space were met. "The 1003 Premium system with the pre-drying zone has proven its worth in terms of energy consumption and drying quality," confirm and explain those responsible at Rubner, why they also chose the Mühlböck technology for the new project.

Due to the perfect cooperation with Rubner, the new, second progressive kiln was installed and commissioned within a very short time. The exact reasons for the decision in favor of the progressive kiln Dynamic 1003 Premium from Mühlböck and the experience gained with these systems so far are explained by the responsible persons from Rubner in the following video clip.