Progressive kiln FLOW


The FLOW progressive kiln is a multi-zone drying channel

The wood is stacked at a right angle to the transport direction on kiln carts. After the loading process, the stacking cart frame is moved into the respective drying zone in a fully automated way and zone by zone. This system’s significant advantage lies in the fact that wood of various length can be stacked on the carts. The drying zones are adapted to the respective requirements. High flexibility and large drying quantities are what make this system unique.

Depending on the drying requirements, the zones are equipped with respective air quantities and heating performance. Every drying zone is controlled individually. This makes problems with wood of varying thickness in the individual drying zones a thing of the past.

Progressive kiln FLOW 1306 LITE

The 1306 LITE version of our progressive kiln can be used for drying for all types of timber processing.

This version of the plant is suitable for customers for whom thermal energy consumption plays a minor role. Due to excellent drying conditions in this progressive kiln, the best possible timber quality is guaranteed.


Progressive kiln FLOW 1306 PRO

A key feature of this design is the optimised throughput, which uses heat recovery and a special air supply and exhaust system, allowing thermal energy consumption to be reduced by up to 25%.

The 1306 PRO version therefore represents an optimum solution in the balancing of thermal and electrical energy consumption with drying capacity and investment costs.


Progressive kiln FLOW 1003 PREMIUM

Three drying zones are implemented in the 1003 PREMIUM version; a pre drying zone, a main drying zone and a final drying zone. Its stand-out feature is its pre drying zone.

Interestingly, the entire thermal energy required for pre drying is sourced from the first and second drying zones. There is no need for additional energy. This allows for the energy-efficient operation of the system – the energy savings potential comes in at up to 50% compared to traditional drying systems, depending on application.

Due to the low value of the thermal connection and energy requirement, an increase in the drying capacity is possible, without any further investment in a heat generator, even in the case of energy bottlenecks.


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