Progressive kiln for MLTC Bioenergy Centre in Canada

Project MLTC Bioenergy Centre, Saskatchewan / Canada

Mühlböck plays its part for a zero-waste future

A new progressive kiln FLOW 1306 for Canada

The First Nations owned Meadow Lake Tribal Council Bioenergy Centre has started their ambitious project of generating carbon-neutral green power, by building a 6.6 MW power generation system that is fueled primarily by biomass sawmill residuals.

This for Saskatchewan Canada first of its kind green energy biomass project will combine environmental improvement with thermal efficiency, while improving the economic outcome for this nine-member First Nations council. And for this, finding the right partners was key. So we are proud to have been chosen as their Continuous Dry Kiln supplier.

We are providing MLTC Bioenergy Centre with a Mühlböck 6-zone Progressive Flow 1306 PRO. This continuous kiln has the capacity to deliver about 85 million BF lumber per year, 24/7, to the highest quality possible, while Mühlböck’s unique 1306 Heat Recovery system ensures considerable reduction of thermal energy consumption.

To ensure a seamless fit of our fully automatic transport system within the Progressive kiln with the existing kiln cart system currently in operation at this sawmill, Mühlböck’s in-house engineers are working closely together with MLTC Bioenergy Centre. And we look forward to the summer of 2021, when the installation of this continuous kiln will start and our part in this zero-waste sawmill will come to fruition.