Steam and combined dry-steam kiln

How to make wood even more precious

Drying hardwood

Uniform colouring and attractive nuances - quality criteria that play a decisive role, especially when it comes to valuable types of wood.

Mühlböck's steam kilns enable defined, reliably reproducible colour tones and looks, including rustic old wood appearance. They also deliver convincing results with demanding light hardwood shades.

Mühlböck steam kilns are also available as combined dry-steam kilns. The advantages: no restacking, no second heating and faster results, as the cooling time after steaming is already used for drying. For optimally dried, refined wood.

  • finley tuned color shades
  • light shades at hardwood
  • Restacking batch change (except for working hours) does not apply
  • No second heating procedure
  • Heating with heating coil and via the introduction of steam
  • Cooling down time is already used for drying

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