Third Generation Family Business Since 1946

EBI Electric is a family business located in Saint-Georges, QC Canada, a few kilometres from the US Maine state border.

Since 1995, EBI has designed and manufactured dry kiln duty electric motors that can withstand extreme environmental conditions imposed by lumber dry kilns. These high temperature kiln motors are made specifically for lumber drying.  


Only the best is good enough for your dry kiln

Over the years we have tested different types of motors and brands in Mühlböck dry kilns. Since 2016, EBI motors are used to great satisfaction for our projects in North America. Due to the results of the motor tests and the reliability of EBI dry kiln duty motors, we have decided to apply these as standard in our drying systems from now on. 

The EBI dry kiln duty motor is distributed exclusively by Mühlböck in Europe.

Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen GmbH
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