Mühlböck is fit for the future

- Mühlböck is also a guarantor of quality in apprenticeship training

Mühlböck has been training apprentices for many years.
Mühlböck focuses on training apprentices in-house in order to meet the ever-increasing need for well-trained specialist staff.
There are currently 28 employees at Mühlböck, who have already completed their apprenticeship at Mühlböck and then stayed in the company. They have taken advantage of the opportunities for a career in the company and continue to be part of the Mühlböck team.
Whether metal technician or electrical engineer, both professions offer the prospect of a good earning and worldwide experience abroad at the company Mühlböck.

As before, apprentices are being admitted in both areas.
The professional experience days in Ried from the 23rd to the 24th of November are, as every year, a fixed date for the team of Mühlböck apprentice trainers.
Come by at the Ried fair and visit us in hall 15 on stand 12!

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