Scoring points with expertise in the north

Finns rely on progressive kilns with heat recovery from Austria for timber drying

The quality of the timber produced stands and falls with the drying process. It is therefore one of the key processes in every sawmill and timber processing company. For this reason, Kohiwood, Soini/FI, has been relying on the specialists from Mühlböck, Eberschwang, for years and recently increased its capacity at the site with a second 1003 Premium progressive kiln.


‘We have been working with Mühlböck since the early 2000s. We are both family businesses. For us, mutual trust is crucial for a successful and long-term partnership,’ says Anssi Hintsa, owner and Managing Director at Kohiwood, explaining the background to the decades-long collaboration with Mühlböck. But for the successful entrepreneur, trust is by no means the only factor why they rely on technology from Upper Austria: ‘When it comes to wood drying, you need absolute experts and with Mühlböck you can tell at every moment that they know exactly what they are doing.’