Interesting insight into the Company from the Innviertel

Visit at Mühlböck

On Friday the 6th of July the manufacturers community Massivholz Austria visited the company Mühlböck in Eberschwang.

Massivholz Austria sees itself as a quality community , whose members are small and medium-sized companies from the sawmill industry of Austria and Germany.

The common idea is, to produce high level wood products, used as load-carrying elements for timber construction under a common brand.

The new manager Richard Mühlböck and Thomas Bittner welcomed the guests from all over Austria and Germany.
After the welcome the production, which is located completely in Eberschwang has been viewed.
Richard Mühlböck personally guided the guests through the production halls.
During a lunch afterwards, a few questions have been answered.
The afternoon was enriched with an interesting presentation about wood drying and drying technology "made by Mühlböck". Since the topics generated great interest, the presentation was even extended.

The members of Massivholz Austria got a very positive and interesting insight into the company Mühlböck, into the product range and into the related topic wood drying, focussed on the drying of timber on this day.

Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen GmbH
4906 Eberschwang 45 - Austria , phone +43 / 77 53 / 22 96-0 , fax +43 / 77 53 / 22 96-9000
E-Mail: , VAT: AT U68 151 377