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“The best solution”

Achieving maximum output using the given space and available heat capacity without compromising drying quality. With these requirements in mind, Nordpan started looking for the optimal dryer solution and found what they were looking for at Mühlböck: The Dynamic 1003 Premium progressive kiln offered everything the project managers wanted.

Setup location for belt dryer created

In order to be able to complete all pellet production processes including drying at the Brand site, RZ Pellets at Ybbs an der Donau decided last year to expand it with a belt dryer from Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen based in Eberschwang.

Project Power Wood Corp., Canada

When Power Wood Corp. of Surrey moved their Custom Cedar production to a new location in Agassiz B.C., Canada this summer, they too chose Mühlböck to design their new 4 kiln drying capacity, with the flexibility of installation in 2 phases.

Project Bois Factory BF70 - progressive kiln FLOW

The Poujoulat Group has been producing high-quality wood fuels (pellets, firewood ...) at 6 locations across Europe (3 of them in France) since 2008. At the new Bois Factory 70 in Demangevelle, the company is now using a Mühlböck progressive kiln with fully automated feed system for drying its firewood.

Project GIR / Serbia

At the furniture factory from GIR d.o.o. in Kraljevo / Serbia timber is dried in Mühlböck plants since 2003. Over the years, 14 Classic dry kilns and a steaming kiln for drying and steaming of oak have been installed. Now, further plants followed to expand the drying capacity.

Project WIBEBA / Wieselburg

The first two dry kilns were installed at Wibeba Holz in Wieselburg as early as 1988. More dry kilns, a steaming kiln and a vacuum dryer followed over the years. The drying capacity of the hardwood specialist has been expanded again now.

Project Moulin / France

Thanks to the positive references and the interest in our latest technology, we were able to gain the French sawmill Moulin as a new customer.

Project Kaamos Timber / Belarus

The estonian wood industry company Kaamos Timber invests in a new sawmill in Mozyr / Belarus and chooses Mühlböck as partner for drying technology. For the drying in the new sawmill they decided on Mühlböck dry kilns 1306 PRO.


Our services


Our experienced employees combine the wishes of the customers and the conditions on site with the legal requirements in the planning to a successful concept.
The success and the priorities of the customer are at the main focus at anytime.

The K5 control software is always state of the art. The programming of the PLC and the user interface takes place completely at the Eberschwang location. The in-house research and development ensures continuous optimization of the control system and incorporating the customer's wishes into the development is an integral part of the process.
Construction and production

The experience of more than 13,000 successful dry kilns worldwide, guarantees high-quality processing through perfected processes, use of first-class industrial components and reliable delivery times worldwide.

Installation and commissioning

The installation is carried out by a well-trained and experienced team, which understands the local conditions and to assemble the equipment reliably, expertly and in the agreed time. During commissioning, customers are trained both in operating the drying kiln itself and in using the K5 software.

Service and customer follow-up

Our service department also supports you after commissioning in all aspects of wood drying, offers tailor-made drying concepts, helps the customer achieve the desired drying results and offers fast delivery of spare parts, even outside office hours.


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