Mühlböck progressive kiln Canada

High energy savings in timber drying

Interest in energy-efficient progressive kilns is currently on a rise around the world

Second Mühlböck reference project in Canada

For many years now, Mühlböck has been proving that wood drying and resource preservation can go hand in hand with its innovative progressive kilns and their combination with the 1003 PREMIUM and 1306 PRO heat recovery systems. In Canada, Mühlböck was able to land two special commissions with these efficient technologies.

Conserving resources is increasingly becoming the focus of joint economic activity. Efficient technologies are more in demand than ever before in light of rising energy costs and ambitious climate protection goals. “In this context, the timber industry is capable of leading the way,” says Richard Mühlböck, Managing Director of Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen. He emphasises that the high-energy process of wood drying needs to be addressed in particular. His innovative Upper Austrian company has dedicated itself to increasing the efficiency of its wood drying technologies many years ago and developed a system that saves thermal and electrical kilowatt hours. “We have realised early on that we need to reduce the resource consumption of our wood drying systems,” says Mühlböck. "This head start in research and development has given us a name in the industry and is now helping us in particular by focussing on energy efficiency - worldwide."

Holz-Zentralblatt reports in detail on the projects in Canada!

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