About us

From two-man operation to global player

Lumber Drying at the highest standards: this is what the name Mühlböck has stood for since the company was founded by Kurt Mühlböck almost 40 years ago.

From the very beginning, the company specialised consistently and exclusively in the development and production of drying technologies for wood. Today, Mühlböck is an international leader in this field. More than 13,000 Mühlböck systems are in operation worldwide.

Through constant innovation and further development, Mühlböck has a unique position on the market in terms of technology. In addition to the highest product quality, among the trademarks are energy-saving systems with which energy consumption during drying can be reduced by up to half.

All engineering and manufacturing tasks are carried out in-house, from research and development to the production of all system components and the programming of the control software. Thus, every Mühlböck drying system can be precisely adapted to the specific customer requirements.

Richard Mühlböck has been the managing director of Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen GmbH since 2018. Our qualified employees work at the main plant in Eberschwang (Upper Austria) and at the Hartberg site (Styria).

Company History

Company Foundation 1982

Kurt Mühlböck founded the company on 2nd January 1982 with just one employee. The plants were produced in the garage at his own home.

The first drying kiln was delivered by car on a trailer to Tischlerei Soriat in Oberwang.

In 1984...

...the company already numbered 13 employees. Production was relocated to the newly built production hall (1,000 m²) at the current company location.

Take over of VT Trockentechnik

In 2002, the VT Trockentechnik company was taken over from Dr. Vanicek. Production of plant components was subsequently carried out at both the Eberschwang and Hartberg locations.

Logo VT Trockentechnik von Herrn Dr. Vanicek

In 2006...

...the new generation of dryers was developed and launched on the market.

  • Type 603 - the fastest possible drying at low temperature and best possible moisture dispersion, used for drying hardwood

  • Type 606 - savings in thermal energy of up to 20%

The first Mühlböck progressive kiln

The first classic progressive kiln was installed in 2009 for the Holzwerke Gebr. Schneider company, in Eberhardzell (Germany).

In 2011...

...the 1003 system was developed. The system allows energy consumption during timber drying to be reduced by 50%!

The 1003 system is available for our dry kilns, progressive kilns and belt dryers. It is also possible to convert older systems to type 1003.
A number of 1003 projects have been implemented to date in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, North America and Italy.

Takeover of the management

A new era in the company Mühlböck started 2018 with the takeover of the management by Richard Mühlböck.

About 160 employees are now employed at the Eberschwang and Hartberg sites. Today, over 13,000 drying plants are successfully in operation worldwide.

Geschäftsführer Richard Mühlböck

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