Mühlböck latest news

Photo-2019-09-05-15-14-19_0855 Puumessut, the fair in Finland

The appearance as an exhibitor at the fair Puumessut in Jyväskylä in Finland was worthwhile.

The Mühlböck stand was not only a customer magnet because of the Austrian beer.

IMG_6239 University of British Columbia

When it came to renewing the Research kiln for the Wood Science Faculty of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Professor Dr. Stavros Avramidis knew exactly what he was looking for.

Rubner Neu Ligna brings major project to Eberschwang

As one of several projects that were created at the Ligna in Hanover, this project is particularly successful, as it is a dynamic dryer DYNAMIC 1003 PREMIUM, which goes to South Tyrol.

DSC_6729_Snack_klein The Ligna, a complete success

Once again this year Ligna in Hannover was one of the most important and eventful trade fair dates for the Mühlböck sales team.
Not only the inviting and modern exhibition booth with food from Austria attracted interested people, but also the presentation of the latest technical developments at Mühlböck.

PHOTO-2019-06-12-14-56-12 - Kopie (7) Project Schilliger, Volgelsheim/France

Last week, the Schilliger Bois SAS company in Volgelsheim commissioned 3 1306 PRO drykilns.

2019-06-13 08_16_35-Auric Timber VIDEO mit Mühlböck Trockenkammern - YouTube Mühlböck-Drykilns "in Action" in Croatia

Auric Timber, today Slavonski Hrast a customer from Croatia provides us this great video.

Klenk_bearbeitet Project Klenk (Binderholz), Baruth/Germany

At the beginning of this year, eight drying kilns of the 1306 system went into operation in Baruth in the German federal state of Brandenburg.
At five Austrian, five German and two Finnish locations, 2750 employees of the Binderholz Group are busy developing and producing solid wood products and innovative building solutions.


Our services

L1030163_final Planning

Our experienced employees combine the wishes of the customers and the conditions on site with the legal requirements in the planning to a successful concept.
The success and the priorities of the customer are at the main focus at anytime.

1_K5-Oberfläche_neu Programming
The K5 control software is always state of the art. The programming of the PLC and the user interface takes place completely at the Eberschwang location. The in-house research and development ensures continuous optimization of the control system and incorporating the customer's wishes into the development is an integral part of the process.
IMG_2942 Construction and production

The experience of 12,500 successful drying kilns worldwide, guarantees high-quality processing through perfected processes, use of first-class industrial components and reliable delivery times worldwide.

DJI_0244 Installation and commissioning

The installation is carried out by a well-trained and experienced team, which understands the local conditions and to assemble the equipment reliably, expertly and in the agreed time. During commissioning, customers are trained both in operating the drying kiln itself and in using the K5 software.

L1030140 Service and customer follow-up

Our service department also supports you after commissioning in all aspects of wood drying, offers tailor-made drying concepts, helps the customer achieve the desired drying results and offers fast delivery of spare parts, even outside office hours.


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