Nawaro Energie pellet plant belt dryer

Belt dryer for pellet factory Nawaro Energie

Mühlböck Trocknungstechnik installed a Classic belt dryer in Nawaro Energie's brand new pellet plant in Göpfritz an der Wild, which meets the high sustainability and efficiency standards of this plant.


Nawaro Energie's 47,000 square metre site in Göpfritz an der Wild (Waldviertel) is now home to one of the most modern pellet plants in the country with a capacity of up to 80,000 tonnes of quality pellets per year, in addition to the existing wood-fired power plant. The raw material from the region, such as sawdust and wood chips, is dried on an efficient Mühlböck Classic Belt Dryer using the heat generated by the power plant. "A special feature of this project is the utilisation of thermal energy in the form of steam from the power plant," explains Managing Director Richard Mühlböck. The pellets are produced in the downstream production hall using two powerful presses. The plant output is approx. 10 tonnes per hour.

The pellet plant not only uses the waste heat from the neighbouring wood-fired power plant. A photovoltaic system with a peak output of around 742 kilowatts will also be installed on the roof area and silos of the plant in autumn 2023 - another detail of the sustainability concept of this modern production facility. In addition, Mühlböck realised extensive noise protection measures to integrate the plant into the environment as carefully as possible.

According to Nawaro Energie, positive feedback from other operators regarding Mühlböck's technology, quality and system availability was also a decisive factor in the selection of the Mühlböck belt dryer. "When selecting suppliers, Nawaro Energie also paid particular attention to commissioning local companies and being able to maintain a trusting relationship with the respective contact persons," says Mühlböck.