Economical as a matter of principle

Project Ziegler Holzindustrie, Plößberg/DE

Great energy saving with high quality drying

Over the last three years, the company Ziegler Holzindustrie has been relying more and more on Mühlböck’s Type 1306 Pro dry kilns. Decisive factors for this choice were positive experience, good advice and the fact that promised performance levels were achieved in terms of energy efficiency and drying quality.

At Ziegler Holzindustrie, based in the German town of Plössberg, 20 dry kilns from Mühlböck, Eberschwang are already in operation. “Two years ago, we purchased our very first dry kilns 1306 Pro for our sawmill in Plössberg”, explains authorised representative Andreas Sandner. Eight of them have now been running since 2018. An order for another four of this type of dry kiln has just been placed. Commissioning is scheduled for 2021. “Due to the favourable experiences to date, to the fact that all promised performance levels have been achieved and to the good advice from Mühlböck’s German sales partner Lauber (Alfdorf/Germany), we have decided once again to purchase this type of equipment”, emphasizes Sandner.

The magazine Holzkurier reports in issue 46/2020 about the project.

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