Pallet Service Hamburg

More capacity and energy savings thanks to drying kiln upgrade

Palettenservice Hamburg recently implemented the fastest and most cost-effective way of bringing its drying kilns up to an optimum energy-saving level at its plant in Wismar: An upgrade was made by installing the 1306 PRO heat recovery system from Mühlböck on existing Mühlböck drying kilns.

The benefits of the energy-efficient system from the drying specialists in Eberschwang can be quickly and fully utilized.

By upgrading to 1306 PRO, Palettenservice Hamburg has almost halved its electrical energy requirements per pallet and also reduced its heat consumption. The measure not only ensures lower energy costs, but also faster drying times and therefore increased throughput.

"A key advantage of this dryer upgrade was also keeping downtime and stoppages to a minimum during the modification," emphasizes Ingo Mönke, CEO of Palettenservice Hamburg AG. There were virtually no major disruptions during ongoing production. "In addition, the basic kiln housing of our existing drying kiln was still in very good condition even after 17 years of operation. Being able to continue using it in the future, and even more energy-efficiently than before, is a prime example for us in terms of sustainability and resource conservation," says Mönke.

This efficient upgrade shows how sustainability and cost-effectiveness can go hand in hand - a pioneering example for the industry!


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