1306 PRO in operation at Centernorma in Slovenia

We were able to install three drying kilns for our customer Centernorma, two new kilns are equipped with the 1306 PRO heat recovery system.

With this heat recovery system, Mühlböck has developed a system that is superior to all previous systems in terms of both energy savings and drying quality.
This is made possible, among other things, by the unique design of the drying kiln: the heated air does not flow out of the kiln partly unused via the exhaust air duct, as is the case with other existing systems. Instead, the smart arrangement of the heating registers and control of the supply and exhaust air ensure that the heated air is circulated and used in its entirety.

Today's Centernorma is a family business that was founded in 1989 under the name Jože Kovač wood processing. The main activity was the production of panels and wood drying. Since 2006, the company has produced glued profiles for window and door production.
In 2011/2012, sons Martin and Janko Kovač founded Centernorma d.o.o., which was joined by the wood processing company Jože Kovač s.p. The company operated in Šmartno for many years.
In 2014, the new company location in Mislinja was purchased. There, the machinery was continuously modernized and the latest technologies were installed, including the new Mühlböck drying kilns 1306 PRO.