Dryer for saw dust and wood chips

Mühlböck belt dryer for saw dust and wood chips

Heat recovery and secondary use of the thermal energy

An investment in the future – cut your energy costs in half


Cost factors in drying
Thermal energy costs are the largest single cost factor in dryingsaw dust and wood chips. They exceed the costs of investment and financing by a substantial order of magnitude.


Conventional dryer vs. the MÜHLBÖCK Type 1003 drying system
The costs for thermal energy can be more than halved with the application of the MÜHLBÖCK Type 1003 dryer for saw dust and wood chips.

MÜHLBÖCK Type 1003: A closed system consisting of pre-drying and post-drying stages and heat recovery

amount of heat energy introduced by heating is blown out as unused, waste exhaust air. The MÜHLBÖCK Type 1003 makes maximum use of this previously unused exhaust air, without dissipating energy as waste in the process.

The exhaust gases from the post-drying stage heat up the supply air for the pre-drying zone via heat recovery. The required thermal energy for this is exclusively drawn from the available heat energy. 

With this technology, the thermal energy produced by the heating boiler is used twice in the single same heating process, which results in the heating costs being halved.

  • Reduces thermal energy demand by 50% – 60% OR
  • increases drying performance by the factor 2.3 at fixed heating performance
  • Smaller cross-sections in the entire heating system
  • Smoothing of seasonal energy consumption (summer-winter), caused by the heat recovery system‘s high efficiency in winter
  • Fuel savings
  • Plant sizes: 1 t/h – 15 t/h
  • Modular construction Degree of moisture can be selected freely
  • Suited for any granular size
  • Can be operated at low temperatures or with excess heat from heating power plants and cogeneration plants, hot water with a supply temperature of 50°C – 115°C or steam


Belt dryer type Conventional

  • The solution if thermal energy is unlimited and heat costs nothing.

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