Mühlböck premiere in North America

- first progressive kiln on another continent

After many years of experience, Mühlböck knows what customers who buy a progressive kiln, value. Often the already existing progressive kiln systems are aligned to a certain assortment with certain climatic zones. This, in turn, makes it necessary to dry large quantities of a particular assortment.
There is a lack of flexibility in terms of the drying material.

That's why the drying specialist from Upper Austria has now developed a progressive kiln that offers just that flexibility.
The new progressive kiln FLOW combines the continuous feed of the progressive kiln with the individual adaptability to the dry material of the existing drying kiln systems.
The subdivision into individual dry sections, each of which functions as a separate drying kiln but can be fed continuously, leads to outstanding flexibility.
In addition, with the FLOW progressive kiln, one of the Mühlböck heat recovery systems can provide additional energy savings.
The year-end issue of Holzkuriers reports in a two-page article about this new development by Mühlböck.

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