Project Klenk (Binderholz) Baruth/Germany

The System 1306 scores at one of Europe's leading sawmill and woodworking companies

At the beginning of this year, eight dry kilns of the 1306 system went into operation in Baruth in the German federal state of Brandenburg.
At five Austrian, five German and two Finnish locations, 2750 employees of the Binderholz Group are busy developing and producing solid wood products and innovative building solutions.
At the Baruth location, the typical Brandenburg pine is dried with new Mühlböck drying kilns. The main benefits of System 1306 have been a compelling argument in favor of this project. The saving of thermal energy by heat recovery of up to 20% compared to classical systems is one of these reasons. In addition, Mühlböck scores with the customer with its modern, user-friendly control, which can offer some comfort. Assistance functions, analysis functions, mobility and customization are the keywords here.
Binderholz stands for a responsible use of the natural raw material wood. Binderholz pursues the "no-waste principle" by processing the entire trunk, from the core to the bark, resulting in a value added of 100 percent.

In addition, continuous optimizations at the individual sites increase resource efficiency, which also includes the expansion of drying capacity through the use of Mühlböck drying kilns.
The rising demand for products from Brandenburg pine can thus be very well served in the future

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