Company trip 2018 to the sawmill RHI Rubner

- a common autumn weekend in Styria

A bus full of Mühlböck employees with the management traveled to Styria on the first weekend of October. The target was the sawmill RHI Rubner in Rohrbach an der Lafnitz.

The customer of Mühlböck, to which a long-standing business relationship already exists, invited the staff of Mühlböck to visit the impressive factory. Of course, the type 1003 progressive kiln which was put into operation last spring by Mühlböck has been watched at the work live.

Employees, who were only involved in this project from Upper Austria, were also able to experience the result of their joint work in action.
After an interesting through the factory, the path led to the hotel and then, how can it be otherwise in Styria, in a tavern, where the day ended comfortably in Sturm, Uhudler and a great snack.
The next day led the group to Graz after breakfast, where a paper chase through the city with a subsequent lunch together provided new energy.
In the afternoon there was another highlight on the agenda, a hot, sporty and above all funny bubble-socker game.
Tired, but with a refreshed sense of community, the group went back home in the evening.

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